As those of y’all who follow my various social media-type accounts know, I’ve been really psyched on a new project dedicated to making the world better: OUR Restroom (One Unisex Restroom) is a new initiative that will work to educate business owners about the importance of taking gender out of the equation when it comes to single-stall restrooms, and it’s the brain-child of my pretty cool wife, Kristin, as well as my good pal Allison Weiss.

The Russo-Weiss team is currently in the home stretch of raising money to help them make this campaign a reality, so I hope y’all will consider sharing the campaign with your friends and donating if you have the ability to do so.

PLUS PLUS PLUS added bonus: one of the rewards for supporting the campaign is that you’ll receive exclusive music from The Restroom Sessions featuring yours truly as well as a number of other super rad musicians like Ingrid Michaelson, Allison Weiss, Vivek Shraya, Mal Blum, Greg Holden, and more.

AND ONE MORE THING I’m going to be live streaming with my aforementioned pretty cool wife for the last day of the OUR Restroom campaign on Saturday from 12noon until 2:30pm PDT. We’ll be live on-air to play some music, chat about bathrooms, talk about life, and have some of their friends join in on the fun! COME HANG OUT & HELP US REACH OUR GOAL!!