Y’ALL I tried to call this tiny run of shows a “Minotaur” instead of “Mini Tour” and my management grown-ups said no because we couldn’t find a non-threatening picture of a minotaur… so please accept this announcement sans pun.

I’m playing a few shows in April! Hooray! I’m very excited to take a quick jaunt over to my home coast and visit the good people of NorthamptonBoston, and New York. I’ll be playing plenty of songs you’ll recognize, but I’m ALSO going to be test-driving some of the many NEW SONGS I’ve been writing for my next record.

Tickets for Boston and Brooklyn are on sale now, and I’m real stoked to tell you that my friend Jess Abbott (of Tancred) will be joining me for both of those shows. PLUS, the darling & dear Mr. Zach Jones is going to lend us his talents in Brooklyn. Woo! More info and tickets for all three shows over on the tour page. Come on down, friends!