Meet Jenny

HEY FRIEND! Thanks so much for listening to Buffering The Vampire Slayer!

As you know, I’m Jenny. What you might not know is that in addition to being one half of the hosting team on Buffering, I’m also a full-time singer/songwriter. I’ve released three albums (Batten the Hatches, Transmitter Failure, and An Unwavering Band of Light) and a handful of EPs (the most recent of which is the Slack Tide EP), both on my own as an independent artist and also through Nettwerk Records. I also have an ongoing serial song project called EXHIBIT, for which I write songs that are directly inspired by a specific museum exhibition. I’ve toured all over the US and Europe, headlining my own shows and opening for rad folks like Regina Spektor, Against Me!, Frank Turner, Motion City Soundtrack, and Aimee Mann.

I’m JUST DELIGHTED that you’ve made your way to my corner of the internet. I made this playlist of some of my favorite “me” songs, just for all y’all Buffering listeners. Hope you enjoy it – thanks for stopping by!


Recent News

My new tune “Won’t Let Go Of Me” is out RIGHT NOW! Surprise! It’s a spooky jam (as jams go) and I wrote it with A+ humans Aaron Espe and Kyle Neal (who also made this sick art) a little while back. It’s a collaboration I really love. You can hear it wherever you like to hear your music right now: